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21st-Jun-2009 12:29 am
i graduated college bitches. well kind of. here comes grad school
24th-Dec-2008 02:03 pm
2008Collapse )
10th-Dec-2008 12:39 pm
done! 1 semester left until i graduate, woooop
2nd-Dec-2008 12:21 am
29th-Nov-2008 03:12 am
my parents friends came over tonight. to make a long story short my mom and i spent 80 dollars at the liquor store on vodka, beer & cigars. i also ate a pizza by myself. what a life i have.

anyways, i have a research proposal to do and a grad school to get into.

at least i'm getting serious about running again because all the beer i drink is making my clothes shrink

i can't wait to get back to el and be back with my friendddds
12th-Nov-2008 01:05 pm - wow
the lifestyle of a college senior who goes to michigan state university and has just turned 21 is hectic.

i've already been to 6 bars since friday at midnight. that's gonna be upped to 9 or 10 after this friday.

then saturday i'm going home to have dinner with my parents and go to the bar with my mom and cousin. ahhhh

after that i'm definitely going to lay low for a while, or i will die./
10th-Nov-2008 01:39 am - LIFE IS GOOD
my life:

i turned 21 this weekend. it was amazing. i seriously have the best friends in the world. i mean it too. i'm so glad i don't have drug addict/have to get drunk every night/slutty friends. they have my back no matter what and i love it because they never bring me down. i don't know what i would've done if i hadn't gone away to college.

i'm glad i never fell into that rut of doing nothing with my life and hanging out with those same kinds of people who just bring you down with them.

i'm also best friends with my mom now. it's great. we're so alike. her and all my cousins are getting a party bus for all of us and my girls to go downtown to the bars and casinos :) i'm also looking forward to going to rise against/trio/thrice and floor seats for oasis/ryan adams :)

ALSO! the end of college football season, going to a bowl game, my red wings & lions (i know they suck but i can drink a lot of beers there) tickets

i'm doing great in school. i'm graduating in four years. then it's off to grad school to get my phd. WOOP

i'm ecstatic with life. i thank god every chance i get

the only thing making me sad right now is how much i miss my dog. sighh
31st-Aug-2008 03:56 pm
last night me and elena got called assholes by about 75 people for putting out a couch fire. they just started it again while we weren't looking and the firetruck had to come. dumb. DUMB. hey let's jump over 8 foot high flames!! interestingly enough we put out a couch fire friday night too while at work. some dumb frat guy sprayed a fire extinguisher in my face. bitched him out and went back to work. what the fuck people??

oh, and breaking bottles in the street is funny too right??
anyways, i think i broke my thumb beating the shit out of a friend.

23rd-Aug-2008 09:02 pm
holy good thursday and friday with my two best friends fo lyfe!
the best part is how perfectly lauren's jeans fit meeeee

more later when welcome week is over
19th-Aug-2008 12:11 am - hello welcome week
tired of inviting people to things (especially up here) and them never calling or coming. good thing the two ladies who've always stuck in there for me (sam and totman) are coming here this weekend. so so so excited. love my house, love our backyard and our bbq and the people. love everything else. LOVE IT HERE.

school starts next week tho. hm. we'll see how i feel about that.
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